L'Uomo Vogue Nov.. Africa Issue!!

This right here is crazy big, matter of fact COLOSSAL!!

The Africa issue features three covers, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy photographed by Don Miller who speaks on his work in Darfur.”

Nelson Mandela, photographed by Anton Corbjin who editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani refers as “the father of Africa and the best person to wave the flag”

Forrest Whittaker, photographed by Francesco Carrozzini, Whittaker speaks on his involvement in Africa via charities such as Hope North.

Recording artist K’naan is right fully featured on a spread and writes a piece on his homeland Somalia.

50 per cent of the advertising revenue of this issue will be donated to various African aid organisations.

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  1. chris Mwangi says:

    IT’S Nice to see magz styling up, it’s about time they noticed these important folks.You know it’s a revolution when they start talking about a black james Bond (coming to a screen near you)

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